Anxiety Stress Depression Test

Do I have anxiety?

In today’s society, nearly anyone can suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. There are many factors that can lead to this kind of a problem. For instance, in the contemporary world, there have been many reported cases arising from people going through financial difficulties that eventually lead to depression.

But there are also other stressful situations like broken marriages, shattered dreams, terminal illnesses, loss of a job, etc. That is why performing an anxiety stress depression test regularly is a critical thing to do for people nowadays.

Anxiety Stress Depression Test

Despite the fact that some depressions might be mild, there are depressions which are critical and can change the victim’s life forever. For instance, those suffering from depression might be self-destructive, unmotivated, disinterested in life, lethargic and, in some cases, others even become suicidal.

This means that it could be impossible for them to do any work successfully, let alone earn a living from their sweat. In some jurisdictions, such people can be termed as having a disability due to depression and they might be able to receive some benefits.

However, to be able to qualify for social security disability insurance, you must be able to convince social security that your mental condition actually hinders you from working and being productive enough to cater for your needs by yourself.

What Is Anxiety Stress Depression Test?

This is a medical test in the form of questions that is aimed at measuring the 3 negative states of emotion, i.e. anxiety, depression, and stress. It uses a 3-scale rating to decide how severe the range of symptoms of the victim are in relation to these 3 negative emotional states.

That is to say, the test involves a stress test, an anxiety test, and a depression test only that they all come in a single test. It was designed to attain the scientific needs of both professional clinicians and researchers. The test can be used by both adults and adolescents.

Here are what each of the 3 scales assesses:

Depression Scale

  • Inertia
  • Lack of interest
  • Self-deprecation
  • Devaluation of life
  • Hopelessness
  • Dysphoria

Anxiety Scale

  • Autonomic arousal
  • Subjective experience of anxious effect
  • Situational anxiety
  • Skeletal muscle effects

Stress Scale

This scale is sensitive to the different levels of chronic but not specific arousals:

  • Impatience
  • Over-reactive/irritable
  • Being easily upset
  • Nervous arousal
  • Difficulty in relaxing

How Does the Anxiety Stress Depression Test Work?

This anxiety stress depression test constitutes several questions pertaining to each of the emotional states.

short term disability for depression and anxiety

Participants are required to go through the questions in response to the extent they have had certain symptoms in the last one week prior to the test.

Each of the questions makes use of the 4-point severity to measure the presence of a single emotional state for the individual being tested. A person undertaking the test is required to use this rating scale when responding to each question:

  • Did not apply to me at all
  • Applied to me to some degree
  • Applied to me for a good part of time
  • Applied most of the time or very much

The results according to each negative emotion are obtained through the summation of the scores from each of the questions answered and the level of stress, depression, and anxiety assessed in this level of severity:

  • Normal
  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Severe
  • Extremely severe

On completion of the anxiety stress depression test, you are given the summary of your scores, which includes indications of their level with respect to the average.

Online Tools For Anxiety Stress Depression Test

Knowing if you are suffering from stress, depression or anxiety is as important as knowing their levels. However, if you are finding difficulty in getting where to conduct the test online, worry not because the following are some of the best online tools to use:

1. This Way Up

If you are not feeling comfortable with your emotional well-being, then taking a test from this online tool could be a wise thing to do.

Take A Test

2. Moodzone

If you are experiencing problems with your moods, taking an assessment test using this site could be a good idea. The test involves 18 questions that will help identify your mental state.

3. AllizHealth

This tool uses DASS 21, a questionnaire made up of 21 questions designed to rate the level of severity of the common symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Depression Anxiety Stress Test

4. Depression, Anxiety and Stress Test

This tool uses a numerical system — 0, 1, 2 or 3 — in indicating how a symptom applied to the participant over a period of one week.


Now that you have undergone the anxiety stress depression test and got your results, what next? Well, if your mental well-being shows mild symptoms, then you can undertake medication.

However, for people exhibiting critical mental issues, they may be so affected to an extent that they are unable to work. If you find yourself or one of your loved ones in this category, then it is important that you apply for the benefits set aside for people with disability due to depression anxiety.

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