Apply Successfully for Social Security Disability Benefits

Social security disability is managed by social security administration to offer financial aid to the physically restricted or disabled people. The insurance is payroll tax-funded the program and the benefit can be both temporary and permanent depending on the nature of the disability.

The person of any income may receive this benefit and thus Social Security Disability benefit is different from Supplemental Security Income. In order to get the Insurance Disability Benefits, you need to first apply for the benefits.

Apply Successfully for Social Security Disability Benefits

Criteria for qualifying for disability benefits

It is difficult to qualify for the benefits. In fact, as per the Social Security Administration, it is not only enough to have a disability to some extent if you wish for the benefits. There must be the loss of complete chance to return to your former job.  Only when you have a complete medical impairment and the extent of disability is severe, you are eligible for it.

How to apply for the disability benefits?

You need to first initiate a claim online with the Social Security Administration. For this, contact the Local Social Security Office. It is seen in the past that you cannot actually file the claim for SSD benefits online. One can apply for the benefits just after the injury but there are factors that are considered like your age, work experience, and a lot will depend on the medical reports.

You are disabled only when the injury restricts you from applying your skills for earning. So, it is crucial to prove that your medical condition is a disability by definition. The doctor’s prescription, medical reports and official records, everything needs to be shown.

Meet stringent work requirements

To receive the disability benefits, you need to meet some stringent working needs:

  • Producing proof of documents that you have worked preceding the suffering you underwent and have also paid into the social security system for a substantial
  • Taking help from an experienced lawyer may help. You need to meet stringent time requirements and the period varies as per the age of the applicant.

It is an attorney who ensures that all the information on the form is entered correctly. This way, you can avoid rejections.

Knowing the claim or benefit

It is vital to find out which claim or benefit you are eligible to apply for. Whether you get to benefit from Supplemental Security income or SSD Insurance, it depends on the claim. The process will get very complex if you do not know for which claim to apply. Age and other factors will be considered.

Different options are available for different people like widows, children and divorced. Only when you satisfy all the listing and criteria in the disability list of impairment for Social Security, you are entitled to the benefits.

If you apply for the SSD benefit, it will normally take 90-120 days to gain approval or denial. If you do not keep up with the scheduled medical appointments as stated by Social Security, you will have to face unnecessary delays. If the applicant undergoes any surgery in between, the Social Security Administration will wait for 3-4 months to evaluate the situation after that. In the normal cases, the person receives a claim in 180 days or so.

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