Applying For Disability Benefits

How to Apply for Disability Benefits

Are you disabled and in serious need of SSI benefits? Chances are you are seeking answers on the “what and how to apply for disability benefits.”  Having a disability is not a choice a person makes and having to ask for assistance is often the hardest part.

Asking for help is hard for many reasons emotionally but it is even more difficult when asking your state or the federal government for the help. To be honest this difficulty isn’t due to any disability but simply due to the fact that by definition bureaucracy is confusing to dissuade civilians from taking advantage of the process.

Here in this article we will cut through the legal jargon, redundancy, and red tape to explain just how a person should apply for disability benefits.

Applying for Disability Benefits

Am I eligible for disability benefits?

Before you even seek to know how to apply for disability benefits, it’s prudent that you know what “disability” means.  You need to be aware that each governmental agency can have its own definition but we are going to explain the definition as given by the Social Security Administration and the Social Security Act (ACT).

Someone is considered disabled if he or she is unable to work because of a severe medical or health condition that has been in existence or will last for not less than 1 year. The individual’s medical condition should incapacitate him or her from performing any work that he or she  was capable of doing previously, and it must as well stop him or her from adjusting to other work. If this defines your situation you may be eligible for disability benefits but you will need to prove your disability to the SSA.

I am disabled, now what?

Now that you understand what it is the Social Security Administration deems as a disability then as long as you fall under this definition, you must apply. While the paperwork portion of the government can be the most infuriating, frustrating, and confusing, it is a requirement and if you are in fact disabled, very much needed. Simply go to and create an account, fill out the application, submit the application and wait for your interview.

This portion of the process is a lot easier than it looks when you first start. Also don’t forget to get all of your supporting documents in order to include dates, names of doctors, addresses, phone numbers, and any relevant information related to your disability. Remember there is no such thing as too much information and also make sure you keep copies of every scrap of evidence you send to the SSA.

What happens next?

The last steps in getting your disability benefits is the absolute hardest part, you must wait for the SSA representative to get in touch with you and either approve, deny, or request for more information regarding your case. Patience is a virtue and when dealing with the government it is also a saving grace. It will take time as there are thousands of applications being processed each month will millions of people receiving these benefits every year and you are literally one in ten million.

As you learn how to apply for disability benefits, you mustn’t forget that the average monthly income received each month varies depending on each situation but it can be anywhere from $200 to $2000 per month so be sure to take advantage of every state or governmental agency that you have available because nothing is guaranteed.

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