How to Apply for SSI Disability Benefits?

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Applying for the disability Benefits can be frustrating and a long complicated process. One can submit the disability application form or an SSA form via three distinct modes, namely, internet, telephone or social security administration office. To ensure that your claim for disability benefit is justified, you need to cater certain formalities like entering relevant details in the form, submitting the necessary documents. SSI Disability Benefits form needs certain information about the applicant along with answering few questions pertaining to disabilities, work history, medical history and details on day to day activities. If you do not cater the needs, the claim will be denied.

SSI Disability Benefits

Why the claims are denied?

Initially the applications are denied due to varied reasons. An applicant not meeting the requirements stated by SSI will be denied the benefits. Secondly, if there is any mistake in entering the details in the form, the claim can again be denied. You can get in touch with the disability evaluator or disability specialist to find out the eligibility criteria. It is important to determine whether you qualify for the disability claim or not.

Do you qualify for the disability benefits?

Prior to applying for the disability claim, you need to find whether you qualify for it or not. As per SSA or Social Security Administration, a disability is any condition that lasts for more than 12 months. It should hinder the person from accomplishing the daily tasks or earning an income. If it prevents you from earning substantially, you are eligible for the SSI benefits. How much you worked for the past 10 years will decide your eligibility for either SSDI or SSI.

Gathering medical documentation and records is must

Before applying for the benefits or the claim, an individual is supposed to gather relevant documents. The SSA or the governing body will be reviewing all the documents to verify if the disabling condition is serious enough to lead functional limitations and disabilities. The SSA also needs non-medical documents in order to confirm your eligibility for the disability program. Some of the other non-medical documentations needed are birth certificate, identification card or driving license, the work history, bank statements for personal financial document proof. If the applicant fails to submit all the documents, his application will be delayed if not actually denied. You need to inform your physician or medical specialist that you are going to apply for the state disability claim and need proper medical records. Whatever evidences you get on your medical condition, assemble them.

The need to fill up an initial application

After you determine that you qualify for the disability benefit and that all the documents are in place, fill up the SSA benefit form. You can visit the SSA office in person or even fill up the form online. The process of filling up the form in the initial stage is pretty complex since the application form is pretty long.

When you apply for SSI Disability Benefits, your main aim must be to enhance the chances of gaining approval. Get in touch with a qualified lawyer who specializes in disability law.

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