A Brief Overview on the New Jersey Disability Benefits

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The process of New Jersey Disability has been mandated by the government of the state. It is the payroll taxes which are charged from the employees which are used to fund this program. The workers in the state of New Jersey can avail temporary benefits through the program of SDI. There are two different kinds of benefits which are offered to those who have the SDI cover, they are PFL and DI


  1. PFL: PFL is a unique program which offers benefits to those workers who have lost their pay when they are supposed to look after an ailing or sick family member. It is also applicable when it comes to bonding with a newborn
  2. DI: DI is a special program, which offers temporary benefits to those who no longer have access to any source of income or are not physically fit to do any kind of work due to any illness or injury which he has not picked up from work

SDI Guidelines

Here are the guidelines to avail the Disability Benefits in the state of New Jersey.

  • In order to request for this disability benefit, one need to file a disability claim within 49 days his family leave began or he was disabled. In excess of 49 days might result in losing the benefits
  • One must be in a physical condition which has stopped him from attending his normal job for more at least 8 days or more.
  • One must be looking for employment or gainfully employed when his family leave began or he became disabled.
  • One must earn a salary or wage of at least $300 and SDI deduction has been accounted for from that amount.
  • One must have lost his wages due to the disability factor or family leave. Or one must have actively looked for a new job he is unemployed.
  • One must be under the treatment and care of a medical professional, who has to be a license holder during the first 8 days of his disability period.
  • One has to undergo treatment or have been under special care in order to be eligible to avail the benefits.
  • A medical certificate must be issued by one’s medical professional in order to prove one’s disability a nurse practitioner or a physician can certify for a disability. A thorough physical examination must be carried out prior issuing the certificate.
  • One needs to be involved in the process of taking care of an ill spouse, child, grandparent, parent or partner.

What if someone is denied the Benefits?

If someone is denied the benefits, there are still hopes for him. He must fill in the Appeal Form DE 1000A which he must have received the disqualification notice and send it to the concerned authority within 20 days of receiving the disqualification notice. One must mention clearly as to why he feel that the disqualification is unjust

There is a similar program, known as California State Disability Benefits, which has proven to be a lifesaver for many workers in the state of California.

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