How to File an Application for SSI Benefits?

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The state program of California or State Disability Insurance is administered by EDD or Employment Development Department. It provides wage replacement or makes up for the lost wages in the event of injuries and work-related illnesses. When you work for a firm, certain amount of income every month gets deducted from your paycheck and accumulated. It is this amount benefit you get on the occasion of disability. Those unable to work due to mental or physical inadequacy have to file SSI Disability Application to get the benefits. If it is a short-term or minor disability, you are not eligible for the benefit. In fact, the very act of filing for disability benefit implies that you are severely injured.

SSI Disability Application

The definition of disability as stated by Social Security Administration

As per the State Security Administration, you are said to be disabled only when the critical condition lasts at least for 12 months. When you get the approval for the benefit, the condition must last for 1 year from there. Secondly, your physical condition or mental state should impose limitation such that it gets impossible for you to return to the job. According to the State Security Administration, the person must be incapable of doing everything that requires work or educational skills or mental exercise.

Points to consider while filing for disability

If your physical and mental state is stopping you from earning, file for disability benefits. If the situation is getting worse and the income moves below SGA limit, file the SSI application.If you think you meet the criteria or definition of disability, file the application. In case, you are a minor or have never worked, the claim will be SSI.You can either file the application online or visit the main SSA office near to your place.

Preparing for the application

Before appearing for an interview, gather all important documents. You need to have birth certificate, proof of income, and information on your source of assets such as bank accounts, life insurance policies, real property, etc. If you are married, show the marriage proof. Compile information relating to medical treatment and your work history before applying. Among all the documents, most important ones are medical documents which will help determine the extent of disability and the amount.

The role of the disability examiner

The extent of your physical and mental limitation will be compared to the work history. The disability examiner has the following role:

  •     He will determine whether you can return to the work or not and whether it is possible to earn SGA level income.
  •     He will try and trace your potentiality. It may happen you can do other kinds of works involving the use of educational skills.
  •     Your age and the functional limitation will be compared.

The process of application

It is important to supply the names of all the doctors you approached. Supply your work history, the nature of disability along with the correct personal details.

SSI Disability Application may also be submitted online but it is better to visit the SSA office. When the claim is approved, you will get the written notification.

SSI Disability Application has to be filed when you are disabled and cannot return to the work for more than a year. In the above write-up, the author explains the ways of filing SSI application, important considerations and documents to be used.

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  1. Have a bad heart one kidney that works I have high blood pressure I have seizures and I have bad eyes also I wear glasses it is difficult for me to work sometimes but I still try to work

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