All that you need to know about NYS Short Term Disability

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These short-term disability benefits which are governed by the worker’s compensation board mainly cover workers from the private industry. Let us try to understand the benefits and the procedure for applying for the NYS Short Term Disability.

NJ Disability Insurance

What are the benefit amounts?

The amount is either 50% of the income of the worker or $ 170 per week whichever is less. One must remember that these benefits are only for off job accidents and illness. On job accidents and illness do not fall in this category. There is a waiting period of seven days and no payments are made during these 7 days. From the 8th day, the payments will begin. The NJ Disability Insurance will be paid for 26 weeks and a proper statement from your physician regarding your condition is a must. However, many people find the amount a little too small to survive in a place like New York.

What about the eligibility criteria?

Workers traveling between New Jersey and Connecticut are eligible for NYS Short Term Disability benefits. However one must check with their employers if they are eligible for these benefits. Certain groups are not eligible this includes employers like Federal, State and local government. In addition, employers like maritime companies, railroad, religious organizations and public and private schools are not eligible. Employee classes like domestic help, independent contractors, farm laborers, proprietors, business partners are also not eligible. Women must keep in mind that pregnancy is a common qualifying medical condition and the amount is given before delivery and 6 to 8 weeks after giving birth.

What are the factors that can disqualify you from getting these benefits?

There are several factors that can disqualify you from getting these benefits. Some of these factors are listed below

  • Injury does not last for more than 7 days
  • If treatment has not been received from a licensed medical practitioner
  • If a criminal act has caused the injury
  • If the person has purposely harmed himself
  • If the person was terminated from his services due to misconduct or criminal offence
  • If the person received pay as soon as he was disabled
  • Disability due to labor dispute
  • Government employee who is eligible for sick leave and has not utilized the same
  • Support payments being received from other welfare programs

Applying for temporary disability benefits:

You need to fill up all the three parts of the form DS-1. The first part is about the applicant, the second part is for the employer and third part has to be filled by your physician. The completed form has to be sent to Trenton NJ main office. The applicant’s full name and SSN are mandatory. One must keep in mind that strict action can be taken against those who do not abide by the compensation and the disability benefits law. This action can be in the form of imprisonment or penalties and fine. Seek legal advice and follow the rules so that the claim procedure is faster.

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