Disability Benefits NY

What people need to know about disability benefits NY. It is a fact that no one really wants to discuss or think about the disabilities. However, we never know when we become a victim of misfortune. Well, in this case, you might have heard about the Social Security Disabilities and its benefits but are not aware of its working.

Disability Benefits NY

Who Can Get Disability Benefits NY?

People suffering from disabilities always have this question in their mind. The answer to this question is, not all who suffer from minor disabilities or injuries get these benefits.

SSI Benefits NY

The criteria for disability benefits cover those also who are not able to work due to certain medical conditions like off-the-job injury or illness that last for a minimum period of one year or results in death.

New York State Workers Compensation Board is authorized for offering a disability benefits insurance carrier. According to the terms and conditions, these benefits are in the form of cash that are not only given to an employed disabled due to his lost on off-the-job but also to an unemployed. Well, in the case of Unemployed this is given to replace the unemployment insurance benefits lost due to their disability. The figure for the insurance claim is based on the average weekly wage of claimant’s. According to law, per year New York employees can receive maximum 26 weeks of paid short-term benefits during 52 consecutive weeks.

Under the Disability benefits NY of the law, it is included in the Statement of Rights that the disabilities arising from pregnancies may also be covered and the employer has to supply to a worker if he is not recovering after seven days of his/her injury.


  • People of the age of 65 or older can get the monthly cash payments in the times of their needs.
  • Moreover, children and blind people no matter what age is also covered under Supplemental Security Income NY.
  • People with the limited income such as money you earn or receive from other sources.
  • People with limited resources such as cash, bank accounts, stocks, lands and more
  • U.S citizen or national can get SSI.
  • A resident of more than 50 states.
  • Not absent from the country for a full calendar month.


If you can’t afford to pay for your medical care, then you can get the Medicaid program facilities. To qualify for Medicaid benefits you must have high Medicaid bills, receive SSI and meet certain financial requirements. Before you apply check your category. The list of categories includes:

  1. Single
  2. Childless couples
  3. Pregnant Women
  4. Parents & Caretaker relatives with dependent children
  5. Elderly Disable

Social Security Disability NY

Apart from this, individuals who fall under these categories such as pregnant woman, children ages (1-18) & Parents & Caretaker relatives apply with New York State of Health Marketplace whereas individuals age 65 & older, blind or disabled, residents of adult & nursing homes and foster Care youth apply with Local Department of Social Services NY.

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