Short-Term Disability

Insurance for employees with short term disability

People in their young age often suffer from many injuries and disabilities. This short term disability mostly occurs due to access to work, use of inappropriate tools or because of a fall or accident. Such injuries interfere with your work and thus make you worried about your daily life expenses.

Short-Term Disability

Short term disability makes it difficult for a person to maintain the house income and cope with the necessities of daily life. Thus to help such people in the time of their need there are the insurance plans for the employees suffering from a short-term disability.

Such insurance plans can pay up to 60% of your expenses so that the person suffering can rest properly and take the time you need to recover and be able to get back to work.

Such insurance plans have some of the best features that make you trust them and ensures that they will help you and back up your bills at the time of need. Some of the extraordinary features are:

No medical approval:
Most of the insurance companies do not ask for a medical approval. As if once you show them that you are injured with the help of medical certificate, they will not ask for any further questions. They will start providing you the help you require until your short-term disability is recovered.

Injuries can happen anytime in life so most of the policies are renewable. It means that whenever you are suffering from the short-term disability, you can access the policy. Most of the companies can renew your insurance policy up to the age of 75 years.

How short-term disability benefits works?

Once you have insured yourself with the insurance policy that suits your lifestyle in the best way. In case whenever you are injured and the doctor restricts you from working for 6 weeks and you are not allowed to leave the bed in order to recover properly.

Then your insurance company will directly provide you with the benefits once you let them know that you are in the serious need of them. The policyholder can access these benefits whenever he is injured all he have to do is fulfill all the terms of the policy.

Short-Term Disability Benefits

You can gain the following benefits from your insurance company depending on your short-term disability:

  • Weekly benefits:
    Depending on the terms of the policy, you can have a specific portion of your salary on a weekly basis from 6 months to 1 year depending upon the time you take to recover.
  • Rehabilitation benefits:
    These services will provide you the chance to recover and work at the same time. They will provide you with the resources so you can have the proper care, rehabilitation services, and your workplace will be modified so you can work at home.
  • Claim filing process:
    You can easily report your claims using the phone and the online services.
    So get your short-term disability insurance policy now for a secure future in case of any injury.
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