Social Security Disability Application

I want to tell you why this information is so important for Social Security Disability application, Applying for Social Security disability benefits is not as simple or easy as you might have thought. The claims for the Social Security disability insurance have been on the rise and just about one-third of the applicants are ultimately approved.

Social Security Disability Application

What is considered to be a disability?

On some cases, applicants aren’t eligible for the benefits. In order to successfully submit a Social Security disability application, one of the requirements is that the SSDI requirements state that your condition has to be expected to last for at least one year or result in death. That’s the requirement that accordingly with the current regulations prevent you from working.

But there are some mistakes that can result in getting your application denied even if you’re not able to work due to your health condition.

How to improve your chances of a successful claim?

You need to start to gather all your medical records before you file your claim. Having as much medical documentation organized, and detailing your current health situation is one of the best ways to be able to prove your real condition.

By having all this documentation not only you increase the chance of success on your application as you will be able to provide them with a full picture of your condition since the beginning, which can translate into speeding up the process.

The examiners that will study your Social Security disability application will want to make sure that you provide some documentation that proves the medical care you got regularly and recently. Again, clear and organized medical records will help you not only the gravity of your current health situation as they will also help you prove how much your health has impaired your abilities.

The doctor’s analysis and opinion about your health and your limitations will make or break the claim.

If your doctor fills out a form detailing your limitations and making a prognosis on your health situation that’s a great help and can improve your chances of success. This form is called “residual functional capacity form” and you can add one filled out by your doctor on your initial Social Security disability application.

Once you submit your application, you’ll get more forms on your mail, which you’ll need to submit with the previous ones as well. This decreases the risk of your file gets missing.

What is my Social Security disability benefit amount?

When you qualify for disability benefits, you need to make sure you’re not having an income of more than $1,130 per month. And although you might be on a good way to get your benefit, you shouldn’t continue to work until you get a final decision. This simply shows them that you’re actually able to work or you wouldn’t have been working and you got the final decision.

In case you’re getting unemployment benefits this might hurt your case with Social Security in some occasions. You’d be telling unemployment that you are looking to work and telling Social Security you can’t work. This may seem a contradiction so you should be prepared to explain the complete situation.

If by any chance you are denied, you always have the option to request an appeal quickly, within two months. Despite it can take some time to know the result of the appeal, in case you win, you’ll get the retroactive benefits based on the initial filing date.

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