Social Security Disability Income Limits

What is SDDI?

Before I jump to social security disability income limits, here I would like to give a short introduction to what it is.  Well, SSDI is an acronym of Social Security Disability Insurance which is a program designed for providing assistance and support to the ones who are not even able to earn their livelihood.

In order to make them enjoy their lives, it is initiated by the State or Federal government. People with some sort of disability can take the benefits of programs formulated. Under each plan & program, a certain income or limit is decided that how much a disabled person can get

Social Security Disability Income Limits


The benefits of Social Security Disability insurance can be taken by all who are no longer able to work because of physically challenged issues or mental disorders.   Some people always get confused before applying that whether they come under the criteria of Social Security Disability benefits or not?     If yes, then what will be the income limit for social security disability recipient?

Well, in general, there is no such Social Security disability income limits on unearned income or assets you own, however, a certain income limit is decided or fixed that how much income you can get from your working.  In order to get the benefits of Social Security Disability one must qualify the disability determination process.

The income limit for each individual varies depending upon their work activity which affects their eligibility for monthly disability benefits.  The most commonly popular as Substantial Gainful Activity is a term that controls that income that affects disability eligibility.  In this case, national average wage index is used by Federal regulations to set the income limit for SGA every year.

In the year 2016, it is decided that there should be a limit of $1,130 for disabled applicants and $1,820 for blind applicants. However, it is not same for all, for business owners there are different rules the reason being the amount they invest in their business may not reflect the work effort.

There is one more rule that if the income limits for SSDI recipients is higher than SGA monthly amount then they are not able to enjoy the benefits. There are many chances that benefits may be suspended or even terminated.

Under the rules and regulations of SSDI, it has been stated that an individual can continue to receive their full monthly benefit while trying out a part-time or even full-time job.  There are trial work period or trial work month’s limits under which one can have the option of having monthly earnings over the SGA limit.

This is designed to enable Social security disability recipients to experiment with working when they are receiving their full monthly benefits.  Trial work period consists of a total of nine months, not necessarily consecutive, over a 60-month period whereas a month counts as a TWP month whenever an individual earns more than $810 per month.

How Social Security Disability Income Calculated?

Hence, we can say social security disability income limits can be calculated for each recipient depending upon their work activities moreover, the income he/she is receiving on a monthly basis.

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