SSI Disability Benefits

How to Win Your SSI Disability Benefits

When pursuing SSI disability benefits one must have two key traits. The first and most important is patience. Red tape doesn’t even begin to bring to mind the scrutiny and confusion that bureaucracy brings to the table but that is exactly what this is, a red tap labyrinth. The second trait you will need to have is persistence.

You will need to ask the same questions to a hundred different people and then decipher the codes those people gave you to understand what it is you are about to undertake. Understanding the process and making follow-ups is the quickest way to getting your application approved.

Know the SSI Disability Process

Not to trivialize any persons’ situation but the first step is to actually determine whether you have a disability. You cannot apply for SSI disability benefits if you are not disabled. This may seem obvious but the number one question asked to claim examiners is “what is a disability?” The next step is to fill out the paperwork requesting benefits. To do this you must visit your local Social Security office in the state where you reside.

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What evidence you need to apply?

Next you must have evidence to prove that you are in fact disabled. Just going into the office and “showing” your disability will not get you SSI benefits. You need to provide “documented proof” such as medical records, mental health records, blood work, imaging results, test results and more. There is no agency you can pay to “speed up” the process or handle your case for you. It’s advisable to hire disability lawyers who can offer you good counsel and assist you to pursue  Social Security benefits.

After you have filled out all the paperwork and submitted all evidence (be sure to keep a copy of all evidence you provide to the Social Security Office because when dealing with the government, Murphy’s Law is in effect) your case will be looked over by a claims examiner at the state disability determination agency.

This can and will take a large amount of time so this is where patience comes in handy. You may be asked to resend your evidence, get a second opinion, or possibly asked for a new piece of evidence. Don’t let this dissuade you, it is very common for paperwork to get lost or regulations change to require different documents.

Making Follow-ups on SSI Disability Application

Once  you apply for SSI benefits, don’t  assume that your ssi disability paperwork is being taken care of and that the process will actually work without your pushing it then you could easily be one of the millions that “slip through the crack.” It has been repeated by most SSI recipients that the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” so make sure you check on your case regularly.

If you show no interest they why would they? If you do your research, gather all the evidence, and walk the tightrope of red tap they laid out you will eventually succeed. It takes more than just having a disability to get the benefits you deserve, you must also be persistent.

Everything you need to know about SSI disability program and SSI insurance is available on the Social Security Administration’s website. All you need to do is read every last word until you know their rules as well as they do. This is money you are asking for and they don’t give it away for free or because they care, they give it to those that need it and can prove it.

Why? There are thousands of fake claims each year and unlike the legal system here you are guilty of being fraudulent until you prove otherwise.

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