Supplemental Security Income

Today, people with major or minor disabilities are no longer suffering from an unnecessary burden. The state is offering great support to disables to make them lead their life happily.

There are many programs under which disable people are getting benefits and standardized assistance. If you are the one who is blind, disabled or physical impairments, then you must be familiar with Supplemental Security Income or SSI.

Supplemental Security Income

What is Supplemental Security Income or SSI?

SSI an acronym of Supplemental Security Income is a federal income supplement program, that is designed to provide monthly cash assistance to people who are physically not well.  It is a program, which provides financial support to the individuals who are disabled, blind, or elderly moreover, with no assets and little income.

Not only this, people who are 65 years old and older can also get the benefits of this program.  In addition to this, children who are physically challenged or with certain disabilities also covers under the program and are allowed receiving the benefits so long as they qualify financially.

Supplemental Security Disability Income

In short, we can say, the major purpose of providing a minimum income to the individuals is to help them meet their economic needs.  Under this federal program, the amount for each individual varies depending on his or her personal financial situation and disability that prevent him or her from substantial gainful activity.

Who Qualifies For SSI?

In order to take advantage of Supplemental Security Income, you must meet the eligibility criteria. Take a look at the terms before you apply for SSI:

  • To qualify for SSI, one must be aged or disabled.
  • Have no income or less than $2,000 in a savings or checking account.
  • No, or few assets
  • Children can qualify for SSI with the same qualifications as parents.
  • U.S Citizen or National
  • Not absent from the country for 30 consecutive days
  • Visual impaired which means either completely blind or legally blind

Therefore, if you are meeting the above-mentioned criteria then, you can surely get the SSI benefits. The most important thing is to apply for SSI as soon as you realize that you have a disability.

How Effective is SSI?

As we can see, the SSI is really a powerful and effective program that is beneficial for couples and individuals.  The benefit of Supplemental Security Income set for the individuals is three-fourth of the poverty line whereas for couples it is slightly over 80 percent of poverty.  According to the surveys and studies conducted, it has been found that Supplemental Security Income is playing a major role in eliminating the aggregate poverty gap.

It is popularly known as the anti-poverty program that constitutes a very small portion of the federal budget.  It is designed to help aged, blind, and disabled people to meet the basic needs for food, clothing and shelter.

Hence, if you are the one, who is both disabled and demonstrates the financial needs by satisfying the criteria of Supplemental Security Income program, then without wasting any more time apply for SSI and reserve the money you deserve.

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