VA Disability Rates

Unraveling issues surrounding Veteran Affairs

During their time in active service, veterans of the United States armed forces may have acquired a disability as a result of an illness or injury. In this case, they are eligible for numerous benefits specifically set aside for veterans. One such benefit is the Veteran Affairs-VA disability compensation.

There are many elements that determine how eligible one is and how much compensation they stand to get. A veteran officer has to present his or her medical evidence for reviewing by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Thereafter it is determined whether or not the veteran qualifies for compensation and he or she is assigned a disability rating level. This disability rating is the main determining factor as to how much compensation the veteran receives. Here we look deeper into VA disability rates and issues surrounding the topic.

VA Disability Rates

How do I get 100% VA disability rating?

The disability rating is assigned to each veteran after determining their average detriment to earning capacity. The Department of Veteran Affairs assigns disability ratings ranging from 0% to 100%. The lower the disability rating the lower the amount of compensation the veteran will receive. Alternatively, a higher disability rating means that the veteran receives a higher compensation amount. So how does one get 100% disability rating?

  • Must be a veteran army officer
  • You have a rating of 60% or higher due to one or more disabilities that you acquired during your time in service or
  • Have a combined disability rating of 70% as a result of two or more disabilities that you acquired during your time in service with one of these disabilities rated at 40%
  • If you  are unable to maintain a well-paying job owing to the disability you acquired during your time in service note that working odd or menial jobs is not regarded as well-paying or substantial by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, you are eligible for 100% VA disability rating.

Can I still work with 100% VA disability?

Yes, you can. Note that in this case, the definition of disability is very different from what is common knowledge among non-veterans. Here, 100% VA disability means that you are unable to work as well as you would have had you not sustained injuries during your time on active duty.

This, however, does not stop you from working simple jobs and earning some money. Many mistakes 100% VA disability for 100% unemployability. When we talk of 100% unemployability certain thresholds which may limit one from working apply. This is not the case with 100% VA disability.

Is my VA Disability rating permanent?

Once the Department of Veteran Affairs evaluates your case they send back a detailed report showing their findings. If in this report the permanent and total’ space is left blank, this means that you can be re-evaluated at a future date. This may result in a reduction of your VA disability rating or it can be left the same.

On the other hand, once a veteran has had a VA disability rating for 20 years the rating is considered permanent unless you are found guilty of acquiring the VA disability rating under dubious circumstances.

What is the VA Disability Rating for Depression?

If a veteran struggles to maintain cohesive relationships with other workers, has a violent temper, is constantly stressed, or is fighting suicidal thoughts resulting into employment and social impairment, they are eligible for a 70% disability rating. One may have been found to be suffering from mental disorders such as PTSD schizophrenia, anxiety, depression among other disorders. This is on condition that these mental disorders came about during or as a result of the time spent in active duty.

Can I get VA Disability for insomnia?

Many veterans experience difficulty sleeping this may lead one to be diagnosed with acute insomnia or chronic insomnia. The Department of Veteran affairs applies the same ratings for mental disorders to VA disability for insomnia. In other words, if you have a mental disorder like Depression for instance, and you make a separate VA disability application for insomnia you will be awarded a single VA disability rating and not two different VA disability ratings.

However if a veteran experiences chronic pain and experiences insomnia as a result, he or she can acquire a disability rating for insomnia and a separate disability rating for the chronic pain.

A tough nut to crack in regards VA disability rating is proving that your issue is service connected. However, a veteran need not shy away from making VA disability application mainly owing to the stigma surrounding the use of the word disability. Making a disability claim does not degrade you as a person but instead ensures you are protected and are able to receive compensation for your service in the military and lost employment potential as a result.

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